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In this page you will find information on PD workshops I have given and a set of resources. Although this page might seem limited at the moment, more resources are to come!

PD Workshop on Using Technology in Education

As a means of attaining knowledge on how students can learn by using technology, I attended a series of EdTech workshops in the summer of 2014. After returning to school, I gave a PD workshop to my fellow colleagues on some of the technological tools I learned about. The workshop included information on blogging, Socrative, Today's Meet, and Kahoot. The link to my workshop is:!workshop/c249h.

I hope you find it useful!

Cooperative Learning

Several years ago, I attended a workshop by Dr. Barbara J. Millis titled "Fostering Student Engagement to Ensure Deep Learning." Throughout this workshop, I learned how to use cooperative learning as a means of ensuring how students achieve deep learning as opposed to surface-learning. I then gave a workshop - based on Dr. Millis' work - to the staff members at my school on how to use cooperative learning activities in their classrooms. The PDF version of my workshop can be accessed through the following link:

You can both view and download this PDF file. The first part might seem a bit boring as it discusses the principles and guidelines of cooperative learning. However, if you scroll further down, you will find valuable information on the following cooperative learning activities:

* Value Line
* Uncommon Commonalities
* Three-Step Interview
* Roundtable
* Numbered Heads Together
* Three Stray, One Stay
* Gallery Walk
* Think-Pair-Share
* Snowball Discussion
* Jigsaw
* Double Entry Journal
* Visible Quiz

I hope you find it useful!

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