Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Teacher-Student Blogging

How would you, a teacher, use blogging?

If you had asked me this question two days ago, my answer would've have been completely different than how I'd answer it today. It's fascinating how knowledge attained within a short period of time can extremely change a person's perception on a certain topic.

Blogging is a useful educational tool that can be applied in various ways. It can be used by both students and teachers. Bellow are some ideas of how I would apply in my class.

Create a Digital Writing Portfolio

One way I'd use blogging is to display my students' writing process, beginning with the graphic organizer, and ending with their final/published draft. As the year progresses, students can go back to their different writing assignments and determine how their style in writing has improved. I'd also allow students to comment on each other's writing portfolio, and discuss their comments in class. This writing portfolio can also boost my students' self-esteem, especially since they'd be aware their writing is viewed by the public. It can also be used as a means to show they parents how they have progressed during the year, and discuss improvements that can help strengthen their writing.

Reflection Alley

Another way I'd use blogging is as a means of monitoring and assessing my student's progression. For example, I could begin a discussion on my blog related to a specific topic, whether it is about English, math, science, or social studies. My students can then read the blog, post their comments, and we can then discuss these comments in class. Through their comments and class discussion, I'd be able to monitor and assess how my students have progressed, how I can challenge them, and which areas I need to focus on more.

These are only a couple of ideas of what I have in mind about blogging. Blogging is definitely a powerful tool that I will use in my class to enable all my students, regardless of their learning-style, to attain knowledge, become independent self-learners, and ultimately excel in the 21st century.

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  1. YOU AMAZE ME! Your blog is beautiful and I thank you for sharing your link. Please share your blog with everyone!
    Your message is very clear...FIS ROCKS (Especially Miss Salwa.)