Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fun with Jeopardy!

Fun with Jeopardy!
If you were to ask my students to list the activities they enjoy in class, one of their responses will definitely be: Jeopardy! Playing Jeopardy has become one of our traditions as a revision for a test.

I was inspired with using Jeopardy from one of my university professors. When taking a Shakespearean course in literature, my professor would have us play Jeopardy as a revision before our tests. We looked forward to the day we played Jeopardy, and it motivated us to read and understand each play so as to answer the questions correctly.

Throughout my years as a teacher, I modified the rules of Jeopardy in order to motivate all my students to work harder and ensure they understand the concepts. Our class rules are:

  • Students will work together in teams in order to solve a problem. Their team names need to reflect a concept they learned in the chapter they are reviewing.
  • They need to assign a different person each time to select a category and state the answer.
  • The answer should be in the form a question.
  • Each team will take a turn (usually in a rotating manner) to select and answer a problem.
  • If the team gives the wrong answer, the other teams will be given a chance to display their answers, and the points will be divided among the other teams. If none of the remaining teams display the correct answer, the original team that answered the question gets a second chance, but will only receive half the points. 
  • Students are responsible for recording their points on the board, and keeping track of which categories were already selected.
  • At the end of the game, they need to calculate their points and designate which place each team came in.

Through playing Jeopardy, my students learn to work in teams, which is an essential skill they need to master in order to succeed in the real world. They also solve all the problems during the game, even if it wasn't their turn, in hope that they might get a chance to receive partial points. Most importantly, they will have everlasting memories of having fun while learning!


  1. Jeopardy is one of my favorite ways to revise for a test! Playing Jeopardy makes it easy on me because when I go home I don't have too much pressure on me. Jeopardy helped me learn how to work and discuss answers with my team. I really enjoy choosing a name according to our chapter(s). Saying the answer in form of a question helps me concentrate on my words. In other words it helps me think before I speak. Since we are MYP students our classes should be fun and colorful and at the same time we benefit from them. You are my future inspiration, and I promise that if I'll become a Math, Science, or any teacher I would tell my students how exciting you made our class! Thank you Ms. Salwa.

  2. I loved this entertaining activity. I was so much fun. I loved the way we used new technology to help us revise for quizzes or tests. The different ways of answering made me think more critically, and it taught me to take my time. I took my time on turning the answer into the question and got awarded. In this case I was awarded with points! Jeopardy also could help you learn sportsmanship. If a different team wins then no need to get upset about it. Just knowing you did your best was enough. Turning into an MYP student increased my creativity and knowledge about the world I live in. This is my favorite way of revising for assessments. No need to get bored, just have fun. Jeopardy also teaches teamwork between friends. Learning to get along for 1 goal. Not many people can do this, but while playing this game they can slowly learn and benefit. Thank you Ms. Salwa for making all these games to help us grab knowledge. It shows that you care for us a lot. Guess what! We all care for you too. Each and every one of your students. When I grow up and have children or even if I am on my way to victory, I will always mention your name to every person close to me.
    Thanks again Miss Salwa.

  3. Jeopardy is one of my all time favorite games, it teaches people that a question doesn't always have to be solved in one way. It also encourages teamwork between people. Jeopardy is a good way of revising for a test, it always helps me revise for tests because it basically gives you a whole explanation of what I would be studying at home.Thank you Ms. Salwa for making studying easier and more fun.♡♡♡

  4. Jeopardy is one of the best ways to revise for any quiz or test that we have coming up. It teaches me how to work with a team and to learn to solve problems in the real world. Jeopardy is a fun yet beneficial game to us learners. When i play jeopardy i start to understand the lesson more than i understood it before. I learn how to participate more and put myself out there while we are learning a new lesson. When i get home from school after playing jeopardy i feel more relaxed because i know that i understood better and it will be easier for me to study for a test. Another amazing thing about playing jeopardy is that we get to spend time with our amazing teacher mrs. Salwa. Thank you mrs. Salwa for being my inspiration and i have learned so much from you this year!

  5. Hi This is Leena, Yasmein's older sister. This is a great way of learning!