Thursday, October 1, 2015

Looping...Yet Again!

"Looping, in eduction, refers to the practice of a teacher remaining with the same group of students for more than one school year. For example, a teacher who teaches a third grade class and then goes on to teach the same students, the following year, for the fourth grade." (Wikipedia)

I was introduced to the term "looping" a bit over a year ago during a series of EdTech workshops. It was summer time back then, and I was looking forward to moving up with the same group of students from fourth (4M) to fifth grade (5M). It felt exciting to get a chance to continue with the education process where I had left it as opposed to starting allover again with a new group of students. Another year passed by, and I'm still with the same group of students (6M)! Unlike the previous two years however, I only teach them two sixth grade subjects (math and science) along with teaching math to three other sixth grade classes.

Looping with the same group of students has been both a unique and enriching experience. It gave me a chance to continue building upon my students' knowledge as they moved up to new grade levels. It also beame easier to design inquiry-based lessons that suit each of my students' learning styles.

Although there are disadvantages to looping (i.e. students not being able to adapt to changing environments due to interactions with the same teacher and classmates), they are outweighed by the its benefits. I've enjoyed watching my students grow in all aspects (i.e. intellectual, academic, physical, etc.) and acheiving highler levels of success.