Friday, July 11, 2014

The Benefits of Using Technology in Education

"Change is Imminent"

How many times have you heard the above expression? Why is change imminent? What causes change to occur? History maps the numerous changes that mankind has witnessed; changes driven by curiosity, questioning, inspirations, discoveries, and technological advancements. Without change, our world would be static; devoid of any form of development. Change is therefore an essential requirement for development and advancements to occur.

Similarly to all the components in our society, the teaching and learning strategies of education have evolved drastically throughout time. Education must parallel the technological developments present in our world today. Why? It's simple: our world has been transformed by technology. If you look around you right now, or even at the screen you're using to read my blog, you'll notice that your environment is surrounded by technological gadgets you use daily. Furthermore, today's work force relies greatly on technology whereby people need to have specific skills in order to succeed in their job. Daniel Newman identifies how technology has impacted the work force in "6 Technology Trends Transforming the Workplace." Students should therefore be equipped with the tools that will enable them to succeed in the 21st century - the Digital Era.

Although some are still skeptical about intertwining technology with education, there are those, including me, who believe in the importance of having students use technology in order to learn. The following video provides a few reasons as to how technology helps students learn better in today's world.

As can be seen, our role as educators today have changed from being the sole providers of information to guiding students into learning how to use technology in order to nurture their intellectual minds. As I always tell my students in class:

~My job is not to give you information; it's to show you how to find information on your own.

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